320th Engineer Battalion (PDF)




320th Engineer Battalion     105 Pages     W/Roster

James I. Crowther
     Lieutenant Colonel,

     Corps of Engineers, Battalion Commander and Division Engineer.

Battalion Headquarters

Headquarters & Service Company

Company A

Company B

Company C

Table of Contents:

Preparing for Combat
     The Story of the 320th Engineer Battalion Preparation for Combat

     California-Arizona Maneuvers


Normandy—The Red Ball—We Move Up
     Battalion Headquarters Activities

The Metz Campaign
     Typical Bridge Demolitions Encountered By 320th Engineers in Restoring Road and Bridge Communications

     Battle Ground of Metz

The Saar Campaign
     Wire Team

     Bridges for the advance Metz to Saarlautern

The Push to the Rhine
      Bridges for the advance Ruhr Valley

The Ruhr Pocket Campaign

Military Government and Redeployment

Battalion Command Posts
     Thiaucourt, France

     Joeuf, France
     Saarlautern, Germany
     Boldre, Belgium
     Duren, Germany
     Broich, Germany
     Osterath, Germany
     Krefeld, Germany
     Garzweiler, Germany
     Burdewick, Germany
     Vellern, Germany
     Borgeln, Germany
     Lerche, Germany
     Beckum, Germany
     Geseke, Germany
     Olfen, Germany

Random Scenes during Combat Abroad

Presentation of Awards

Roll of Honor
     Killed in Action and Missing in Action

     Battlefield Promotion
     95th Infantry Division Battle Honors