29 Let’s Go 1945 vol. VII issues 2,4,8,15,22,31,41 (PDF)





14 pages total. 7 issues included:
29 Let’s Go 1945 05 28 nr 02
29 Let’s Go 1945 05 30 nr 04 (corner piece missing)
29 Let’s Go 1945 06 04 nr 08
29 Let’s Go 1945 06 15 nr 15
29 Let’s Go 1945 06 20 nr 22
29 Let’s Go 1945 06 30 nr 31
29 Let’s Go 1945 07 13 nr 41

29 Let’s Go 1945 05 28 nr 02 (text)
Gen. Gerhardt, 9 Others, Get Top Red Army Honors ….. Himmler Planted ….. “Capture” of Port Snafu’d by VE Day; Bremerhaven, John Sale of Bronx, N.Y. and Luke Padian ….. Ninth Army Sets Up Bremen Press Camp ….. New Super-Raid Guts Japs; His Nips Blows ….. Yanks Cut Deeper In Okinawa Drive ….. Denmark Clicks With Photog; Nicholson Compares It To U.S.; Merle Nicholson ….. 29th Hi-Lites by PFC Jack Wiedelman – Maj. Gen. Chas. H. Gerhardt ….. Photo of V1 poised on launcher ….. Doughs, First Over Elbe Explain They “Lost Way”; 115th’s riflemen, Pfc. Roy Worrell of Pulaski, Va., Pfc. Oliver T. Regan of Wake Forest, N.C. went to town of Schur ….. Photo of V-4 type with cockpit ….. Two More for Daily: Pfc. Donald Egglestone and John Krupp ….. Donald Duck comic ….. Inquiring Reporter, “Should Germany be made into an agricultural country…?”; GI’s answers – Gaylord O. Durham of Buffalo, Okla., Dolphes Hollingsworth of Chattanooga, Tenn., Arthur Rentschler of Cleveland, Ohio; Francis W. Kelly of Eugene, Ore., Charles Maupin, Jr., of Columbus, Ga., Wallace E. Johnson of Manchester N.H., Burl K. Turner of Fresno, Calif.

29 Let’s Go 1945 05 30 nr 04 (text)
Four Engineers Of 121st Lose Lives Thru Mines; Riegel Mines at St. Magnus ….. Homeward Bound After two and half Years; David C. Davidson of Roanoke, Va. ….. 17 Generals Attend Ninth Army Service; Chaplain Harold R. Donovan ….., Okinawa Fall Expected; 8 Air Forces to Hit Nips ….. Battlefield Atrocity Trials Begin Soon ….. Photo of V-2 bomb outfit surrendering to the 29th men ….. Eggs are Eggs, But–, Stephen A. Klein of New Eagle, Pa. ….. Bremerhaven Docks Unharmed Allied Shipping Starts June 1 ….. Photo: Liner Europa; Skipper Oscar Scharf, Lt. Richard O. Read of Okland, Calif. ….. No Aryan Race Among GI Dogs ….. Pittsburgh, Pa. Patrolman George Roman ….. Inquiring Reporter – John. F. Hemminger, Joseph S. Koretz, Herbert G. Stevenson, William A. Mort, Irving Garbati, Frank W. Karpak, Robert W. Schwerdtfeger, J.B. Helton ….. Blondie by Chic Young