Illustrierter Beobachter 1943 02 25 nr 08 (PDF)


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A member of a German recon group makes a makeshift bed out of sand and linens somewhere in african dessert; photo by war correspondent Karl Bayer (PBZ.) … Prof. Mihai Antonescu with Oberst Elferescu, Dipl.-Ing. Neubacher … The struggle against the white dessert: Germans using horses and dogs for transport in snow; photos by war correspondent v. Hoermann and Etzold … Everyone has his own patent to deal with harsh weather conditions in Russia … German Storch plane doing recon work over the african dessert; photos by war correspondent Karl Bayer (PBZ) … Das Dorf bei Odessa (a village by Odessa) – a play written by German soldier Herbert Reinecker … Artist Rudolf Hermann Eisenmenger