2nd Infantry Division – D+106 to V-E The Story Of The 2nd Division; 52 pages (PDF)



The Story of the 2nd Division    52 pages


Chapter 1 – Lull Before the Storm

Chapter 2 – Heartbreak Crossroad

Chapter 3 – No Breakthrough Here

Chapter 4 – The Road Back

Chapter 5 – Pillboxes Behind

Chapter 6 – Victory Ahead

Indianhead Roll Call

Indianhead Staff

Illustrations Drawn By :
Sgt. Sam Wiseman
T/5 George S. Boynton

Photographs By:
Detachment I, 165 Signal Photo Co.

Text By:
Public Relation Staff, Hq. 2d Division
Lt. Col. Eward W. Wood
Sgt. Raleigh Allsbrook

Edited By:
G-3 Section, Hq. 2d Division.

Censored By :
The Third Army Field Press Censor

Printed: San Antonio, Tex.: D. A. Clegg Co., 1945