CINC Packet - Guam

CinC Packet is published and distributed free of charge on Sunday throughout the year by and for all members of the U.S. Armed Forces at CinCPac Advance Headquarters Detachment. Editorial Offices, CinCPac Public Relations Building. Lt. (jg) E.P. Reiley, USNR, Editor; WOJG Henry J. Bausili, AUS, Art Editor; Production Assistants: M. I. Hickox, CY, USNR; J. F. Alexander, CY, USNR; H. P. Ragsdale, CY, USNR; Ted Cebula, CY, USNR; J. B. Chenault, CY, USNR; Cpl. J. R. Muhr, AUS; and T/4 W. R. Lutz, AUS. 64th Army Engineer Topographic Battalion, Printers. CinC Packet receives Camp News Service. ……. To Lieutenant R. E. Bingham, USNR., goes the thanks of the editors for his suggestion of the title of this magazine, CinC Packet. Webster’s Dictionary says a packet is a “vessel employed by government to convey dispatches having fixed sailing days.” It will be the aim of this publication to publish regularly each week the topics of interest to all in Headquarters Detachment, Guam. The papers format is 8″ x 9-7/8″ with eight pages.

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