821 Tank Destroyers Battalion - Panther Strikes

Panther Strikes was a 4 pager newspaper published in 1945 for members of 821 T.D. Bn. —- Panther Strikes’ Staff: Michael Sarkisian, Kenneth D. Haak, Michael Kuchman, Evan N. Griffith, Harold M. Glantz, Elio A. Tramelli, Mathew J. Berry, Robert E. Duncan
Unit History: Activated on 25 July, 1942, at Camp Carson, Colorado. Arrived in England 17 April, 1944. Disembarked at Omaha Beach 26 June with towed 3-inch guns. Supported capture of St. L and subsequent breakout. Entered Brittany in August, supported capture of Brest by 18 September. Moved east in late September to Holland. Conducted operations against Siegfried Line in October near Aachen, Germany. Transferred to Ubach, Germany, in November and supported drive toward Roer River. Converted to M10’s beginning in December. Crossed Roer beginning 23 February, 1945. Withdrawn from line during March. Company B supported operations against Ruhr Pocket in April. Battalion then marched east to Elbe River. Took up occupation duties on 27 April. Attached to: 29th and 35th Infantry divisions.

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