9th Infantry Division

Nickname: None recorded. . Shoulder Patch: Octofoil with white center. Upper half, rest of octofoil – red; lower part – blue, all against a khaki background. . Song: “The 9th Division March.” . History: Organized: July, 1918, Camp Sheridan, Alabama, FA units organized at Camp McClellan, Ala., from RA. . Training: Reactivated: Aug. 1, 1940, Fort Bragg, N. C. Maneuvers: Carolina, First Army, 1941; amphibious training: with Atlantic Fleet and at Norfolk, Va. Overseas: Sept.-Dec., 1942 (NATO). . Commanding Generals: Col. Charles B. Elliott, Aug., 1940; Brig. Gen. Francis W. Honeycutt, Sept. 1940; Gen. (then Maj. Gen.) Jacob L. Devers, Oct., 1940 to July. 1941; Maj. Gen. Rene E. de R. Hoyle, Aug., 1941 to July, 1942; Maj. Gen Manton S. Eddy, Aug., 1942 to Aug., 1944; Maj. Gen. Louis A. Craig, Aug., 1944 to May, 1945; Brig. Gen. Jessie A. Ladd. May, 1945 to present. . Component Units: (As of Dec., 1942). 39th, 47th and 60th Infantry Regiments; 34th (M), 26th, 60th and 84th (L) FA Battalions. Higher Commands: First Army and XX Corps. . Awards: Distinguished Unit Citation ( DUC ) (2) to 1st Bn., 39th Regt., for actions June 18, 1944, near St. Jacques de Nehou (Fr.) and Aug. 6-9, 1944, near Cherence le Roussel. DUC to 2d Bn., 39th, for action July 11-12, 1944, Le Desert; DUC to 2d Bn., 47th, for action June 21-26, 1944, Cherbourg; DUC to 3d Bn., 47th, for action June 21-26, 1944, Cherbourg and Hague Peninsula. . Combat Highlights: The 9th Division spearheaded the North Africa and Sicily landings, helped cut off the Contentin Peninsula (Fr.), and was the first division to cross the Rhine. Combat teams of the 39th landed at Algiers Nov. 8, 1942, at Safi, Morocco, and Port Lyautey, Morocco. The campaign included Maknassey (Tunisia) battle. El Guettar, smashing of the Gafsa-Gabes axis, and drive on Bizerte. Going ashore west of Troina (Sicily), the 9th saw action at Floresta, Randazzo and Messina, and sailed for England, Nov., 1943. Landing June 10, 1944, in Normandy, the Division began a series of distinguished actions and battle honors piled up for its units. Actions included: capture of Quinneville, St. Lo, D’Ourville, Barneville, the Cotentin Peninsula, Cherbourg, and Octeville. Cap de la Hague, the Falaise Gap, Melun across the Seine river. Chateau – Thierry. Momignies (Belgium), Chimay, Couvin and the Meuse crossing. In Germany: Roetgen, Aachen, Monchau Forest, Einruhr, Wascheid and Gemund, Bonn, Zulpich, the Ruhr, Remagen, Lutzel the battle itinerary sounds like Baedeker.

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