AFGD 3 - Depo 3 Star

Depo 3 Star was a newspapers are from Air Force General Depot No. 3, which was at Gioia Del Colle Italy during WWII. Multiple US Army Air Forces Units were stationed there.
The Depot was used for supplies and for heavy maintenance of aircraft
The 302nd Depot Repair Squadron was attached to the 90th Air Depot Group.
Air Depot Groups had multiple squadron attached to them: medical, repair, quartermaster, headquarters etc.
They took over all aspects of managing airfields
The repair squadrons repaired damaged aircraft, they had sections like sheet metal, armorer, plexiglass, electical, engine repair etc.
In the closing stages of WWII in Europe many repair squadrons were sent to AFGD No. 3, to salvage usable aircraft and aircraft parts to be sent to the Pacific and to scrap the remaining aircraft in place. The 302ns was one of these units.

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