Weekly Intelligence Reports - Royal Navy

Weekly Intelligence Reports (W.I.R.) marked SECRET were published by Naval Intelligence Division, Naval Staff, Admiralty, for the information of all officers in H.M. Navy.


Each booklet carried specific instructions:

On no account is W.I.R. to be removed from the ship or establishment for which to has been provided.

THE FLAG OR COMMANDING OFFICER’S copies of W.I.R., and two additional copies in H.M. Ships where a Captain is in command, may be retained for reference. All other copies are to be collected in each Ship or Establishment and burnt before the next issue is put into circulation. Personal copies are always to be burnt on receipt of a subsequent number. (Destruction certificate is not required.)


They were around 60 pages, small format.


The booklets in our archives came from HMS Knaresborough Castle, Castle-class corvette. 


Each booklet had a ship’s transit list which included a list of officers the booklets were passed to.

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