Die Kriegsmarine

“Die Kriegsmarine” (The War Navy) magazine was the official publication of the German Navy from 1935 to 1944. The first issue of Die Kriegsmarine was nr.7/1935 (month of July) and the last one was nr.18/1944.

Die Kriegsmarine, before Die Reichsmarine,  was also combined with the magazine “Deutschland zur See” and with “Deutsche Marine-Zeitung”.

As with most German magazines, there were two main variants available:
one for the inland Germany and one for the “outside/Ausland” territories. The outside continental issue had Ausgabe A printed on cover.
In 1944, Die Kriegsmarine ran the Ausgabe M which contained 1 changed page with information of the “NS – Deutscher Marinebund”.

Die Kriegsmarine magazines were also published specifically for German youth.
issues had Schulausgabe, or later Ausgabe S, printed on cover. The first issue was published in June, 1942. Schulausgabe issues had independent numbering not corresponding with the regular issue numbering. Some of the extra articles inside were about foreign languages, ships design and more. The final Ausgabe S issue was published in 1944 and had the number 19 on cover.
Also worth mentioning is the extra Sondernummer published in November 1941.