Magyar Futar

Magyar Futar – Hungarian Courier was published between 1941 and 1944.
It was a well know political journal of the Hungarian nation, which fought for life and death in World War II.
The editor-in-chief Ferenc Rajniss (between 1939 and 1945) was a member of parliament, first a member of the Hungarian Life Party, then the Hungarian Renewal Party led by Béla Imrédy, later the party’s leader, from 16 October 1944 to 7 March 1945.
In 1941, with the permission of Prime Minister László Bárdossy, the weekly magazine, marked with the name of the Minister of Public Education, started its circulation with the initial number of 70,000 copies and reached 570,000 copies in a short time.
In addition to the latest pictorial and textual battlefield reports, the newspaper also regularly published minor political write-ups that often erupted into open anti-Soviet or anti-Semitic outbursts.
This contributed to the fact that the editor-in-chief Ferenc Rajniss was brought before the People’s Court after the war and, commencing political cleansing as a war criminal, was sentenced to death by hanging and was executed on 12 March 1946.