Mission Statement:

About this mission:
Wartime Press has been created by Eric & Dave to provide a historical reference site to a multitude of original books, booklets, magazines, manuals, newspapers and document relating to wartime eras.

Past History of Wartime Press:
For many years we have  vigorously and still collecting materials relating to all these areas. In the past we have been contacted numerous times by news publication companies and independent TV broadcasting shows to help them find facts from our collection of photos and stories for their documentaries they were doing.
  For the most part these inquiries still go on.

2005 prior to The Web Site:
 We have had a life-long interest in collecting military publications and items. So, we created this site because we really wanted to share the information and images of publications that we have collected over the years. We trade, sell, and buy from many sources to build one of the largest private collections.
  We thought it would be a great idea to sell, buy and trade these publication images with everyone and fill any or the very rare gaps in the collection. It is one thing to preserve history, and another to be able to then share it.

After 2005:
  Everyone understands that the WWII US personnel records burned destroying a large section of them.
  Not many people understand that numerous publications do have photos and names listed with them. Also many names are listed in company muster rolls, awards, short stories and more.
  If a person was not able to get any information because of missing military records, they may have a chance to get information from such a publications.

WWII Military Preservation Status:
  We trade, sell, and buy from many sources to build our private collections. Also, we do have many second or third duplicates, that will be made available for purchase through epier.
  We have been scanning "groups" and "sets" voluntarily for front, back and special edition covers and also inside texts and photos.
  As each group is being scanned we upload the images to the site to let people know they exist. The text scans need to be processed for the web. Text scans are converted and takes time to do 40 text pages vs. one image cover.

Searching and looking for something:
  We have broken down publication types by Country, Service branch, then by types like books, magazines, manuals, newspapers, units and more coming! If a category is blank, don't fret, they will be there shortly because it is coming
   We have both a Google search and a find free search. Find free located on the top left is updated index once a week and does capture 99% of the weekly changes.

Why Display everything from the war?
  Either good or bad, about any war, these are just part of our history. These publications contain great historical value because they are a look into the past.
   Please feel free to enjoy what we thought would be a great idea to allow many others a peak into the past. Since we do have many wartime era publications from all sides of the conflicts, please be aware we do not promote any indifferent viewpoints.   
  Many of these publications help us to not forget the reasons we were fighting for.

Filling the Gaps:

   With us covering such a broad range of materials and eras, we may never be able to have it all. We will continue to add new materials as we buy and trade publications and such material.  
   If there are other collectors that can help to fill in any of the gaps, or add a missing topic to this site, it would be greatly appreciated by us and others. All donated image material (high resolution photos or scans) will receive a credit to give the donor recognition in their part of preserving a bit of history.  
And an acknowledgment of who add the image or material.

Current operation of this site:
Our sponsors = 0
labor = been voluntary
website = been voluntary

2009 we added ads to generate something to go towards operating costs and equipment.


At this time we have no sponsorships, awards or acknowledgments for our effort but in time we hope to acquire sponsor resources equipment, software, or funds to aid us in our effort and that we can return the favor with the end result in web promotion back to all who request to make a business effort in our project. We are looking for ways to speed this project up and to construct the design and format right the first time through the web access.

Please contact web admin if you would like to offer sponsorship to help us, any business relations that could benefit us both, we would be highly appreciative of any offers or ideas..  

Thank you,

Wartime Press Staff





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