Military Unit Publications Navy

30th Construction Battalion - The Caribbean
3rd Marine Division - The 3rd Marine Division News - Bulletin
64th Naval Construction Batallion - Can Do
Advance Base Construction Depot
Cavite Philippine Islands - Bamboo Breezes
CINC Packet - Guam
Hydrographic Office - The Scuttlebutt
N.A.S. Cape May, N.J. - The Wheel Watch
N.A.S. Minneapolis, MN - The Penguinews
N.A.S. Willow Grove, PA - The Wind Sock
Naval Air Transport Service Command - NATS Packet
Naval Operating Base Argentia - Argentia American ( Newfoundland )
NCTC Quoddy Village, ME - The Sea Beacon
The Chowan Leatherneck
U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Third Naval District - Over the Bow
U.S. Coast Guard Third Naval District - All Hands
U.S. Naval Station - New Orleans \ Algiers - The Pelican
U.S. Navy Pre-Flight School - Iowa City - The Spindrift
USS Boxer CV-21 - Bark of the Boxer
USS Bushnell AS-15 - Bushnell's Turtle
USS Cebu ARG-6 - Cebugle
USS Cowpens CV-25 - Mighty Moo
USS Essex CV-9 - Buccaneer
USS Franklin D Roosevelt CV-42 - F. D. R eporter
USS Hancock CV-19 - The Scuttlebutt
USS Hornet CV-12 - Hornet Tales
USS Intrepid CV-11 - Intrepid
USS Lexington CV-16 - The Sunrise Press
USS Macon CA-132, heavy cruiser - Macon Time
USS Missouri BB-63 - The Missourian
USS New Mexico BB-40 - The Queen's Daily News
USS Randolph CV-15 - The Jolly Roger
USS Salt Lake City CA25 - Salt Shakers
USS Ticonderoga CV-14 - The Big T
USS Wasp CV-18
USS Wasp CV-7 - Stinger
USS Yorktown CV-10 - Sea V Ten

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