Adler von Hellas Der Balkan Adler 1944

Der Balkan Adler 1944 04 15 nr 145-146
Der Balkan Adler 1944 04 15 nr 145-146
Aegis fishermen in the port of Limenaria on Thasos --- Bruno Brehm: Thermopylae 1941 - German campaign in Greece; photos by war correspondents Rauch, and Bauer --- Fighting for Larissa; aquarelle by Karl Langer --- Planes and development; E. Volkerd --- Playful kids; drawing by Waltraut Riedel --- Different photos from the front including pictures of an armored train; Stampalia --- We were captured by the partisans; Tito; war correspondent V. Schuller --- Byzanz by Dr. Ernst Koeller --- Humor

Der Balkan Adler 1944 06 10 nr 153-154
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